Department of Water Management

Research for sudents (before theses works), BS and MS theses (some examples)

–Water quality and morphological characteristics of streams
–Hydrobiology of small streams
–Sewage Treatment Plant of Sopron impact on Ikva-stream
–Evaluation of groundwater flow systems based on streamflow data
–Examination of wetlands in Fekete-hegy
–Natural friendly handling of spill water of Sopron landfill
–Analysis of hydrological conditions of riparian ecosystems
–Runoff from paved surfaces
–Urban runoff modelling

PhD courses

–Modelling in hydrology
–Fluid Mechanics

Experimental field practice – Hidegvíz-valley

Stream discharge measurements

–Current meter
–Slug injection method
–Volumetric method
–Temporary V-notch weir


–Drilling, Undisturbed sampling
–Hydraulic conductivity (slug test)
–Ground water flow direction

Infiltration measurements

Soil moisture measurements

Interception measurements


Study-tours e.g.

Danube - Szigetköz (fish ladder, side arm system, physical model)

Lake Tata

Káli basin (small hydrological entities)

Lake Fertő