The refurbished and expanded laboratories of the institute include the following:

-   Soil Mechanics and Water Management Laboratory

-   Geoinformatics and CAD Laboratory


R&D&I activities:


The key research areas of the institute:

soil mechanics studies, water science studies

Geoinformatics, digital image analysis and digital photogrammetry software development, small and large game observation by radiometry,

tree mass estimation methods




Soil mechanics and water science lab sessions

Goinformatics, digital image analysis, digital photogrammetry, graphics design software, tree mass estimation and mobile mapping tool training


Key laboratory equipment:


Soil Mechanics and Water Management Laboratory:

Proctor-type densifier, Compression device, CBR-device, Triaxial compression machine, Profile probe soil moisture meter, Climate chamber, AD (Acoustic Doppler) flow meter for measuring the velocity of surface water, Marker agent measurement system for determining the discharge of surface water, Multimeter.

Geoinformatics and CAD Laboratory:

Remote-access (PCoIP) high capacity 3D graphic workstations, GPS on-site data collection devices, GPS collar for red dear and fallow dear, Automated movement tracker system for European hare observation, tree mass estimation measurement devices.


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